Attila Mong

Attila242Attila Mong is a board member and deputy editor-in-chief for, an anti-corruption journalism watchdog and NGO funded by the Open Society Institute and by Fritt Ord, the Norwegian Civil Fund linkedInProfileand private civil microdonations. The main activities are investigating and exposing corruption, anti-corruption campaigning, and advocacy.

Mong is Ashoka Storyteller-in-Residence, Berlin, hosted by Ashoka and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. The mission is to create a network of storytellers in support of social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe.

As a candidate for the new board in GIJN, he says:

We have been building, a non-profit investigative journalism website and anti-corruption watchdog for years now with the aim of creating a sustainable business model around the initiative. I believe that we have already accumulated very important knowledge on how a non-profit investigative center could be operated, how open journalism methods could be implemented in order to increase our audience’s participation and finally engagement in whatever we do, including, of course, engagement in the financing of the NGO.

As a board member of GIJN, I would work to transfer our best practices to the members of the network and also help spread the concept we have developed to different other countries in the region. The other important aim would be to increase awareness among big international institutional donors on how important it is still to fund similar initiatives in the newly emerging part of Europe, in the new EU member countries.