Donor Pulls Plug on Australia’s Global Mail

After just two years support, Australian tech tycoon Graeme Wood has reneged on his pledge to fund online start-up Global Mail with $15 to $20 million for five years. "His announcement almost certainly spells the end of Australia’s first major experiment with philanthropically-funded journalism," wrote the Sydney Morning Herald. The move is a stark reminder to journalism nonprofits of the need to diversify income.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Posted on: 二月 8, 2014

More Investigative Journalism in Australia

Today, with most newspapers suffering a financial and circulation decline, a natural corollary would seem a decline in the ‘quality’ of their journalism. And yet, perceptions about a decline in the quality and number of investigative stories in today’s editions were not supported by the research.

Source: The Citizen

Posted on: 八月 12, 2013