Nonprofits Use Data Journalism To Earn Income

Nonprofits are using data journalism to bring in earned income, diversifying their bases from over-reliance on fundraising. Here are some examples that include selling access (ProPublica), microsurveys (Texas Tribune), and bartering for office space (Voice of San Diego).

Source: PBS Ideas Lab

Posted on: 七月 26, 2014

6 Mistakes Newspapers Make with Data Journalism

Too much of what is claimed to be “data journalism” in today’s media is really just ego-driven “data porn” — pretty pictures created around numbers with no real reader value, according to Justin Arenstein, the chief strategist and Knight International Fellow at the International Center for Journalists in South Africa.

Source: Inma

Posted on: 六月 27, 2013

2013 Data Journalism Awards Winners

The Data Journalism Awards are the only international awards for Data-Driven Journalism, recognising excellence in this rapidly growing field of journalism. La Nacion of Argentina for “Argentina’s Senate Expenses, 2004-2013.”, Thomson Reuters for “Connected China” and the BBC, for the “Great British Class Calculator”, are among the eight winners.

Source: Global Editors Network

Posted on: 六月 26, 2013

20 Data Visualization Tools

Here's a handy guide to 20 data visualisation tools. The list ranges from simple charts to complex maps and infographics. Among the tools: Excel, Google Chart API, Flot, Crossfilter, Tangle, and Modest Maps.

Source: .net magazine

Posted on: 六月 15, 2013

How To Get Started in Data Journalism

Here's advice on how to start turning statistics into stories. "In the 21st century, almost everything is logged electronically in some way or other. Making sense of the data is a growing necessity among journalists but, for some, that first step from the safe world of words to an alien landscape of numbers can be intimidating".


Posted on: 五月 20, 2013

The Best of the Data Harvest Conference

A good summary of the just-concluded 3rd European Data Harvest Conference in Brussels, sponsored by GIJN member The conference generated lots of excitement and included sessions on investigative and data journalism in Europe, FOI/Wobbing, collaboration, and cross-border reporting.

Source: Journalismfund

Posted on: 五月 9, 2013

Collaboration Key to Data-Driven Investigations

A phrase often heard at journalism conferences is 'if content is king, then collaboration is queen'. The importance of collaboration across news outlets, regions and nations was highlighted again at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia by a panel who shared examples of collaborative projects.


Posted on: 四月 26, 2013