China Demands 250,000 Journos Pass Marxism Test

Thanks to a new regulation enacted last fall, all 250,000 of China’s journalists will have to pass an exam on the "Marxist view of journalism" in January or February of 2014. Among the guidelines: “the leading role of the Party in publicity” and how to write critically about Japan and the United States.

Source: Global Post

Posted on: 十二月 24, 2013

Inside Southeast Asia’s Dog Meat Trade

Story of the Day: In Thailand — a source country where dogs are collected for shipment to Vietnam butcheries — the trade is illegal and widely deplored. And yet despite increasingly noisy calls for crackdowns against the smugglers, and a barrage of unflattering media coverage, the trade has proven resilient and highly adaptable.

Source: Global Post

Posted on: 六月 19, 2013