Journalists and Donors: Measuring Impact

Nonprofit journalism legend Chuck Lewis on setting benchmarks for the impact of nonprofit news: “The idea of fixing a single standard that everyone’s going to adhere to — talk about herding cats. That’s not even fair to cats.” Lewis said that the funders he knows are overwhelmed when it comes to deciding how best to keep nonprofit journalism afloat.

Source: Nieman Journalism Lab

Posted on: 七月 29, 2013

INN Starts Backing Nonprofit News Startups

After a 19-month wait to secure its own 501(c)3 status, the Investigative News Network (INN) has started to sponsor nonprofit news projects. “Fiscal sponsorship allows these early-stage nonprofits to accept donations from philanthropists and foundations, allows INN to provide rigorous financial oversight,” says INN’s Kevin Davis. “With this support, new nonprofit projects can increase their chance of long-term success.”

Source: NetNewsCheck

Posted on: 五月 28, 2013