The Infiltrated Country

Story of the Day: Stern magazine publishes an investigation digging into the activities of U.S. and German intelligence and security agencies in Germany. Also included is a database of US intel and military contractors operating in the country.


Posted on: 十一月 29, 2013

NSA Growth Fueled by Need to Target Terrorists

The Washington Post’s Dana Priest looks at the NSA’s explosive growth after 9/11. The technical spying agency has enlarged all its major domestic sites, as well as those in Australia and Britain. Since the attacks, its civilian and military workforce has grown by one-third, its budget has roughly doubled, and the number of private companies it depends on has more than tripled.

Source: Washington Post

Posted on: 七月 23, 2013

Story of the Day: Inside “the Mind of a Con Man”

"The Mind of a Con Man," in today's New York Times Magazine, digs into the widespread problem of academic fraud by focusing on the case of Diederik Stapel. The once widely touted Dutch scholar made up results in at least 55 of his papers and in 10 Ph.D. dissertations written by his students.

Source: New York Times Magazine

Posted on: 四月 28, 2013

Small Wages Investigation

The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism is out with a series on tough economic times in Latvia. One journalist tried to survive by working in the fish factory. Another one by working in a supermarket.

Source: Re:Baltica

Posted on: 四月 26, 2013