Knight News Challenge Gives $3.5m in Grants

The latest round of Knight News Challenge grants is out. The theme this year: strengthening the Internet. Among the 19 projects funded are mapping Internet ownership in Europe; new measurement tools for online censorship and rights violations; and verification and collaboration tools.

Source: Knight Foundation

Posted on: 六月 23, 2014

FOIA Shaming Site Uses New Tool: Embarrassment

FOIA Shaming is a tumblr site sponsored by the Student Press Law Center, the only legal assistance group devoted to helping student journalists in the US. The site posts examples of officials who refuse to hand over public records -- and then ridicules them.

Source: Student Press Law Center

Posted on: 四月 28, 2013

Mexican FOI Laws Key Tool for Pulitzer Winner

The independent Mexican journalist Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab won the Pulitzer Prize for her research on the network of bribery and corruption that was a key part of Wal-Mart de México’s expansion strategy. Her 8-month investigation required 800 freedom of information requests from municipal, state, and federal offices in Mexico, and a total of 200 interviews.

Source: Journalism in the Americas

Posted on: 四月 25, 2013

Newsgathering Tools List

News gathering in the digital age faces both opportunities and challenges. The platforms and tools in this list facilitate an easy search of the (journalistic) online content. The sources varies from curated news to raw crowdsourced text/audio-visual contents.

Source: Emergency Journalism

Posted on: 四月 24, 2013