Global Database of Transparency Groups

The Sunlight Foundation has created a database of civil society organizations working on transparency and open data issues around the world. As explained by Júlia Keresu, Sunlight's International Program Coordinator, in addition to locating the organizations, they "tried to filter information about relevant actors by area of operation, issues covered and the actual approach."

Source: Sunlight Foundation

Posted on: 六月 5, 2013

Obama and the Challenges to Open Government

Global Integrity's Executive Director Nathaniel Heller writes about transparency in the US. “If you haven't already read the news about the Justice Department snooping on the Associated Press' newsroom... prepare to be nauseated... We've warned repeatedly about the risks of governments trying to be half-pregnant on open government. It just doesn't work."

Source: Global Integrity Blog

Posted on: 五月 14, 2013

Philippine Center Unveils New Money & Politics Site

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism has launched a new MoneyPolitics site -- "a citizen's resource, research, and analysis tool on elections, public funds, and governance in the Philippines." With the new site the PCIJ continues its pioneering work, showing what enterprising journalists can do even in developing countries where public records are not readily available.

Source: Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

Posted on: 五月 6, 2013